Thursday, April 30, 2009


can't work for haikus

A Query

Have you ever written beauty?
Stared at a blank page
as if it was an empty canvas,
just waiting for the ink
to spill its glory in
metaphors and hyperboles?
Have you ever changed the world
with a single drop of ink
smearing across the page?



Me either.

I was just asking.

the death of irony

is irony dead?


last week i shot it in the face.


this poem has no direction
it also has no point
i was going to write about
a love i once had
or maybe about the sorry
state of the union
but i can't

i can't because of many things
but probably the most important reason
is that i usually think of a brilliant title
and the poem follows that

naming it untitled
was probably
a bad idea